Rated:  PG
Summary:   The SeaQuest are sent to a remote community when a distress signal is received nearby.    A unique place where there is no crime and everybody supposedly shares the same resources.

The Captain and her crew soon find out that the place they are faced with is very different, even after visiting in person.

On the way back, the crew discover a damaged craft with someone injured inside.  Little do they know that person inside has been aboard the SeaQuest before.

How will the crew of the SeaQuest react to what really happened on NODE 3.   Lucas and Mycroft are about to cross paths again.

In the process of being rewritten with more complicated content and hopefully a better story. New version will be uploaded as soon as I can

Total Word Count :

Completed:  30% completed

Other Information:  First Season Crew –  will include certain events that happened in the “Photon Bullet” episode