Rated:  PG

The crew of the SeaQuest are sent to Africa whilst the new SeaQuest is being built to help on a humanitarian mission to help build a new hospital and school in a remote part of the country. They soon learn that there are more dangers on the continent than just wild animals.

Kristin has them stay with an old friend of hers that took up the challenge of living there many years before and runs the local school and takes care of injured wildlife.

Together the crew find themselves immersed in the different culture and ceremonies. Lucas finds himself making a new unique friend, one that will make him as happy as he would be with Darwin aboard SeaQuest, but a friendship also thwart with danger from both man and beast.

Lucas accidentally gains credible evidence of poachers still working within the reserves and taking their spoils without regard for the endangered animals.

The crew are wrongfully arrested by local authorities and held in custody by an Army chief who refuses to believe their story, not realising that he has secret connections with the poachers. Before he can destroy the evidence against his associates, Lucas escapes the prison and has to rely on himself to navigate through a country filled with beauty and danger.

The crew are finally released and want to find their missing crew member before the Army Chief or the poachers can. The poachers are determined from stopping their activities from being revealed.

Total Word Count :

Completed: NO – A future story to come

Other Information:   First season crew story – will introduce a non-canon original idea to be used in many of my new stories.   Later in the story a different idea of how and why Ben Krieg left after the first season, but nothing about him staying in Africa or anything like that. And of course, Lucas doesn’t take the news well.