Rated:  PG
Summary:  Lucas returns to the SeaQuest, ready to continue his tour, but he finds himself developing a fear and anxieties that the crew are unaware of at first. Darwin is found injured and Lucas helps as much as he can regaining his confidence in the water. But just as the crew begin to relax thinking its all over, a freak incident on the bottom of the sea causes serious damage to the SeaQuest. All power has been lost, and systems have to be operated manually where possible, but there are more dramas to come when Lucas finds himself in a similar situation to the hotel, with the water steadily rising and no way of getting out. He can only hope the crew realises he is missing in time before the water gets too deep.

Total Word Count :

Completed: NO – A future story to come

Other Information:   First season crew story – follows after episode “In the Lap of Luxury”