Rated:  PG
Summary:   Daniel finds he needs to put some space between himself, Jack and the SGC. With one bitter argument after the other. Pressure on his abilities as a linguist are high and putting further stress on an already fragile desire to stay. Russian delegates are putting continued pressure on Hammond to have their own team and also try to lure Daniel to work for them.

His friends or collegues can see him slowly pulling away from them and his work, but seem to be able to do little to help stop it. With little warning, Daniel tenders his Letter of Resignation and prepares to leave the Stargate programme.

Whilst trying to get away from everything and everyone he has come to know, he is involved in a serious vehicle accident and not only is he injured, but so are others in the car that struck him. Despite his injuries, he pushes his own pain and predictament aside and tries to go for help on a very cold and frosty night. With his mind foggy from physical pain and the angry voices swirling in his head from the past few days, he doesn’t realise that he is headed in the wrong direction and getting further away out of the reach of help.

Total Word Count :

Completed: NO – A future story to come

Other Information:  Set after the events of Menace