Rated:  PG
Summary:   Lucas’s and Dagwood’s friendship has been shattered to almost beyond repair when the two of them are thrown together in a mishap and have to rely on each other to survive.

In the process of being rewritten with more complicated content and hopefully a better story. New version will be uploaded as soon as I can

Total Word Count :

Completed:  30% completed

Other Information:  Second Season Crew  Follows after the events of episode “Special Delivery”

I have changed Wendy Smith to Kristen Westphalen and have taken it back to just before

Commander Ford and Jim Brody arrive at the abandoned laboratory looking for the escaped

Dagwood. I have changed the beginning so that it is actually Commander Ford and Brody who

find out that their are two Dagwoods instead of it being Lucas from the show (all will be

explained as I go hopefully).

Lucas does not know that there are two Dagwoods and still thinks that it was his friend that

forced him onto the motorcycle and then crashed it through the fence and left him bruised and

battered on the ground. Commander Ford and Brody are unaware of the injured Lucas laying

towards the back of the facility after being beaten up by the evil twin. (I changed where the

motorcycle was seen from the episode).