Rated:  PG
Summary:  A group of saboteurs are wanting to take Admiral Noyce hostage after an important conference with foreign diplomats.

They intend to cause damage to the monorail track to add a diversion to carry out their plan.

The SeaQuest crew and Bridger are unaware that Lucas was on the same monorail.  He was supposed to be spending the night with a friend.

Lucas has some minor injuries, but finds himself helping more of the other hurt people out of the monorail rather than getting help for himself.

The saboteurs spot the teenager with Noyce and intend to switch tactics and plans to make the U.E.O. and the Admiral stand up and take notice of their demands.  They intend taking advantage of the chaos and confusion of the situation to their advantage.

Bridger has only just found out about the teenager being on-board and start searching for their missing young friend, no knowing where he is or if he has gotten out of the monorail safely or not. They soon hear stories of how much of a hero he was to some other people and how much he helped.

Total Word Count :

Completed: NO – A future story to come

Other Information:   First season crew story set after events in the episode “Photon Bullet”