Rated:  PG
Summary:   My story starts with a slightly more angsty, hurt/comfort version of Daniel being found and his struggles and triumphs as he begins to discover who Daniel Jackson was with the help of his teammates. How difficult it might have been for some memories to return or how easily others were triggered with a touch, a smell or a sound. I always thought it would take him a little more time to adjust to being human again, in spirit as well as body and how he dealt with the multitude of emotions that would plague him during this journey of discovery and remembrance. All of the Canon events from the series have been shoved back a little in the time frame and Jonas Quinn only plays a much smaller part in this version.

Total Word Count :

Completed:  NO – A future story to come

Other Information:  An AU look after Daniel’s return in Season 7 – I was never happy with the idea that Daniel remembered everything so quickly or started going back through the Stargate almost immediately.