Summary:   What would happen if Lucas went back to live with his real father Lawrence? How would Bridger react? This story is meant to explore the idea of what would happen if Lucas went back to live with Lawrence on a permanent basis of his own choosing.

The first part of this story will deal how Lucas came to lose his senses all together and how he came to forget all about what happened during his childhood.

In the process of being rewritten with more complicated content and hopefully a better story. New version will be uploaded as soon as I can

Total Word Count :

Completed:  30% complete

Other Information:  This is not a sequel but you will have had to read the ‘Hauntings’ series to know why Lawrence Wolenczak is in a coma in the first place.

Secondly, you will have to have read ‘Solitary Witness’ to know that Lawrence has come out of his coma (yes the question you all asked at the end of Hauntings – Absolute Fear has been answered in this story.)