Rated:  PG
Summary:  A story for Lucas and Bridger where the teenager is required to describe in detail the years of abuse he has suffered at the hands of his father Lawrence.

Lawrence Wolenczak is determined to thwart the efforts of those trying to protect his son and sever ties and allow him to be free of his domination.  The court requires direct evidence linking him to the alleged crimes, including witnesses.  Of which of course he knows there are none.  Its his word against that of Lucas.

Lucas tries his hardest not to co-operate nor reveal everything that happened, fearful and not wanting to relive any of his past.

A painful journey not only for Lucas, but those to have to listen to the truth of what really went on behind close doors.

Total Word Count :

Completed: NO – A future story to come

Other Information:   Takes place after my story “The Green Pen