Rated:  PG

Synopsis – Daniel Jackson has been trapped on his own inside the Gateroom by the incoming invaders. The staff of SGC and his own team are unable to see what is happening to him or help him in any way. For Daniel… his pain has only just begun… and they haven’t even begun to hear him scream yet.

The latest mission through the Stargate seems to have come up with no treaty with the inhabitants for mineral rights or any other kind of agreement. But meeting with these new people will bring about events and troubles that none were about to foresee nor prevent.

Total Word Count :   44 160

Completed: NO – A work in progess 

Other Information:  First  story in Trilogy – Set after the events of Legacy.  Some events and themes continue on from “To Die Screaming” and more so in  “Deadly Cycles” and “Dishonest Intentions”.

Chapter One – Disturbed

Chapter Two – Singled Out

Chapter Three – Undisclosed Intentions