Rated:  PG
Summary:    A different type of mistaken identity story. Ben has invited a few of the crew members on a camping trip to a remote location, thinking that it is a great opportunity to get away from the restrictions of the boat and relax in nature for a while. They enter a small town general store, loading up on a few of the essential items that they will need, and cross paths with some of the stranger locals of the area.

Mrs Baker is a hard woman, living high in the hills above where the crew are camping. She has always done things the old fashioned way and shunned the need for much in her live except her two large hunting dogs. Many years ago Mrs Baker lost her own son in a tragic accident but her grief has never truly gone away.

By sheer luck one day she is convinced that she has found her son alive again when she comes across Lucas as he joins Ben on the camping trip. She is determined to bring her son home where he belongs, thinking that she had been lied to all this time about Toby’s death.

Total Word Count :

Completed: NO – A future story to come

Other Information:   First season crew story – A different type of mistaken identity story.