Rated:  PG
Summary:  What if someone from Daniel’s college years tried to track him down – and never gave up. Was present to see academia laugh the young man publicly for his ideas and theories about pyramids and aliens. This same person has been following for years, waiting for the right time to strike. To find out what is so secret now about Doctor Jackson that the military is trying to cover up.

This person will do anything to gain information on his prey, including going through through the gruelling selection process for the Stargate program. Once there, he learns more about Doctor Jackson and what he has been up to and what Daniel’s worth may be now.

The final part of his plan is to seek his revenge after all of these years. He is prepared to pay others to do his dirty work for him if necessary. But unfortunately Daniel recognizes him before he can carry out his intended plan and he has to silence him somehow.

All of a sudden Daniel is missing from the base, and it is assumed he has been taken, perhaps by the NID or worse. His friends and the staff of Cheyenne Mountain are desperate to find him, but may be surprised to find out exactly what has been going on.

A ransom demand has been made, but perhaps the price for all involved is too high to pay.

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Completed: NO – A future story to come

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